The former page of Event Tenders

Event Tenders ceased operations in April of 2015.

We know they appreciated the clients and guests they served since their inception in 2009.

Some of the people involved in the origination of Event Tenders have purchased the Event Tenders domain name here to spread the word that they have started a new staffing company specifically for special events and weddings,
Event Bar Staffing, LLC.

Event Bar Staffing

We would invite you to take advantage of the wealth of experience and the fun, safe, and carefree event staffing that Event Bar Staffing offers. We have recruited some of the same great management, trainers and crew that Event Tenders had, plus a huge influx of highly trained bartenders and servers.

There is also a new swagger, as we do things... with extensive training and a flair!

Please contact us at events @t or call us at 859.286.6442 or stop by our website at Event Bar Staffing!



NOTE: If you had booked an event with Event Tenders... PLEASE let us know! We will do our very best to help out!

If you have other concerns from Event Tenders, we do not have the affiliation or contacts to address those concerns, but will try to assist.